Getting your team members to their specific destinations at the right time can be a real challenge these days – we know from our 30+ years of experience doing business travel.

As part of Travel Leaders, we have access to a global network and supplier discounts to help you reduce travel costs while providing better options for your travelers. And we support the online booking tool, Concur Travel, offering you this convenience for your people while maintaining good travel management practices.

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We’ll work with your point of contact to ensure your team members get where they need to be, when they need to be there, while ensuring their travel stays compliant with your corporate policies all the way.

Joyce M.

"Mandi is not only knowledgeable but very efficient and attentive to customers need and expectation. For example we were flying to Lyon, France for one night to catch a train the next day. She booked a hotel next door to the train station, and as a bonus the hotel had an excellent dining room. Our flight coming home from Kona canceled last minute, and she immediately found a new flight with better connections than the cancelled flight. She always finds accommodations to suit your needs. She has become a friend as well as our go to travel agent."

Dwight M.

"It’s my pleasure to provide how positive my experience has been with Mandi. My life is based on travel. When you have 100% confidence in a person who is instrumental in your business, it’s imperative to recognize the importance of an exceptional job.Mandi, is so experienced that she recognizes when I’ve made a mistake with my request. I couldn’t imagine doing business with anyone else! Thank you BLTS."

Brent R.

"I have worked with Mrs. Mendez for over 7 years now, as a deployer/traveler and then as a Deployment Manager. This goes back to her days with another company. Throughout the years we have gained a mutual respect for each other and Mandi has understood our needs as we send people all over the world for business. She has always been there for us as a company and not only to the managers but directly to our deployers while they travel to austere locations across the globe. Having this security of travel to us and to our deployers has increased our trust in a not so trustworthy air industry. Mandi has and always takes care of our people and our company and treats us as if she was part of AEVEX. She has always made herself available to us 24/7. She has made it known that we can contact her day or night and any day and she will be there to assist us no matter what. When Mandi made the choice to open up her own business, BLTS, it was an unanimous decision to leave the other company and use BLTS solely for all of our travel CONUS and OCONUS. She is willing to go out of her way to assist us in saving money through using other airlines and has taken the time to understand and know the JTR (Joint Travel Management) so we are following all government travel regulations. Her timeliness when we request flights is very important to how we do business and Mandi has always gone above and beyond to make sure we receive our requests right away, and because she knows our company so well and has taken the time to do so, she catches mistakes that are made by the requesters and has saved mass confusion due to her knowledge of our business and each traveler. Her attention to detail has saved us more times than I can count. Mandi Mendez is BLTS and her reputation is stellar."

Ron R.

"Mandi has always provided exceptional service to us for a number of years. Her recommendations for lodging on our overseas trips have been excellent for location and access to points of interest and local transportation. She is responsive to glitches that can arise in air travel. Example: we were traveling with relatives and had paid for business class seats months before our travel date. When we arrived at the airport one of our party was told that her paid- for-business class seat was not available. Mandi contacted the airline and all 6 in our party received a nice partial refund, although only one was denied a business class seat. I recommend her services without reservation."

Bill P.

"I have been working with Mandi Mendez for 10+ years. Even as a junior employee at her previous company, Mandi quickly became the the go-to person there. Even has she rose through the ranks and took on more responsibility, the level of attention and service she provided her clients never slipped. Mandi has always been good in a crisis when you are stuck somewhere far afield, and need that extra bit of help. In cases like those, if she is awake, she's available. Above and beyond is no marketing slogan for her, that is what Mandi has always been about."


"Mandi Mendez and Business & Leisure Travel Solutions are tremendous assets in scheduling and adjusting travel. Mandi is quick to respond and provides detailed options for travel. She is also eager to understand the specifics of your trip, so she can tailor your trip to what you need. As someone who is in a quickly changing industry, Mandi’s help is paramount."

Jackie & Clay

When we decided to sell our home and travel the world as digital nomads, we knew it was a big undertaking, requiring a tremendous amount of planning and knowledge. Luckily, we were able to cut the knowledge part short by using Mandi's 30+ years of experience in travel. She gave us great advice AND got us a tremendous airline credit when our flights got delayed and we lost the upgrade we had paid for. We'll absolutely use her again."