We make setting up your leisure travel easy, offering you our ABOVE AND BEYOND service. 

Tell us your destination, who’s going and where they’re coming from, and we’ll handle the details so you can focus on the memories you want to make.

We do the research and make the reservations of your transportation needs (plane, car rentals, trains or boats). We use our extensive knowledge and experience to find and book the best accommodations for your budget. We can even help you pick the perfect destination if you’d like!

And if something goes wrong, we’re here to help, 24/7.

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Give us a call today to talk about what you have in mind and we’ll go above and beyond to help you achieve it!

Bill P.

"I have been working with Mandi Mendez for 10+ years. Even as a junior employee at her previous company, Mandi quickly became the the go-to person there. Even has she rose through the ranks and took on more responsibility, the level of attention and service she provided her clients never slipped. Mandi has always been good in a crisis when you are stuck somewhere far afield, and need that extra bit of help. In cases like those, if she is awake, she's available. Above and beyond is no marketing slogan for her, that is what Mandi has always been about."

Mary & Charlie

"Mandi of Business & Leisure Travel Solutions has been organizing and booking our travel for years and we love her service. She knows exactly what we prefer in accommodations, flight plans and always has great suggestions for entertainment at our destination. Over the years when airlines have canceled flights or there has been some other mishap, Mandi has been there for us. One call to Mandi and everything is fixed. We still make it to where we are going, hassle-free. This past December when Southwest Air canceled a large percentage of their flights, throwing a family trip into chaos, Mandi found a way (in the early hours of the morning, I might add) to get my whole family from different parts of the country to our destination on other flights. That was amazing. She even knows when to tell us whether to pack our hiking boots or not."

Camie J.

"My husband and I have been utilizing Mandi’s excellent skills for years and years. She makes all of our travel arrangements big and small. Mandi is easy to access and very prompt in her responses. Although, she is delightful to talk to, she is also easy to email. Mandi helped me create a once-in-a-lifetime trip around Australia with my son. Everything went so smoothly! It was so stress-free to plan the trip with her help. Another favorite trip was the ski trip to Whistler, B.C. I planned that unbeknownst to my husband was for a BIG birthday. Again, everything went off without a hitch. Whether Mandi has personally been somewhere or not, she really knows how to research places to stay and things to do. My favorite thing about working with Mandi has nothing to do with big travels but has to do with the little glitches in everyday travel. Many times we have called on her as we sat in an airport looking at a cancelled flight. It is so reassuring to be able to pick up the cell and call Mandi and figure out a new flight plan. I now have my entire family calling on Mandi for travel plans. This has been a blessing for my elderly parents. I cannot recommend Mandi enough!"

Jodi J.

"Mandi goes above and beyond for all her clients! She treats everyone like a VIP. Her knowledge on all aspects of the travel industry is superior to anyone I have worked with in the past. She will find the best routes, price and amenities on all requests. Finding solutions to your corporate travel needs is what she does best! I highly recommend working with Mandi!"

Gregg & Kathy

"In the last ten years Mandi has flawlessly guided us through more than forty countries, sing planes, trains, ships and private tours. We would be lost without her professional expertise and caring manner."

John R.

"We have used Mandi for our travel agent exclusively since at least 2015. We have had two high dollar trips (Southern Africa and Peru), and they went flawlessly. Mandi’s technical skills are beyond reproach. Flights are well thought out, all connections are perfect and any assistance needed while abroad are immediately available. More importantly, her recommendations regarding tour companies, government and local rules and customs, and airline choice are always spot on. We can and do count on her expertise. She is engaged in our Hawaii trip next month! I wholeheartedly endorse her as your best choice for travel plans."